Sales Forecasting & Promotional Analysis


In today’s highly competitive sales environment, an accurate and timely sales forecast is a critical tool for optimising business outcomes. The most common complaints in respect of sales forecasting is that data is not accurate due to timing differences, and the process is too slow.


We link the sales forecast to finance to provide a single version of the truth. The solution is customised to fit your structure in terms of territories, products, channels to market and more. By comparing actual performance to forecast, the sales forecasting application is an integral component in the overall business performance management solution. By tracking performance it is possible to identify any potential areas of risk or opportunity and take the appropriate action


We also enable tracking and analysis of the performance of campaigns and promotions, to enable accurate measurement of success. "What if" scenarios provides the functionality to flex forecasts based on the adjustment of key assumptions.


Collaborate with colleagues, update and analyse data on your choice of handheld device, whilst on the move.



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