Financial Controls

We remove the uncertainty and risk associated with spreadsheet based systems and integrate data sources to create a single source of the truth, in a multi-dimensional environment accessible via the web or Excel. Our solutions empowers users by enabling views of all scenarios, in as much granularity as required, in a single auditable application.


Data that was previously copied and pasted from source data extracts, into Excel, can be automated to run at scheduled times and on demand. Calculations that were applied to source data in Excel can be replicated in the database.




Budgeting & Forecasting

We add imense value in this area, by automating a significant portion of the budgeting, forecasting and planning process. End users can intelligently analyse the data and can create "what if" scenarios to help drive performance and provide better outcomes.


Our applications can be accessed via a variety of interfaces including Excel and the web.


We are the only Cognos Consultancy in the UK with the expertise required to build monte-carlo calculations into our planning applications. This is forecasting on a whole new level, that gives you such detailed insight you can eradicate the variance between your actuals and forecast...




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