IBM Cognos Business Intelligence


Know the past, understand the present, shape the future


IBM Cognos Business Intelligence turns data into past, present and future views of your organization’s operations and performance so your decision makers can capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks. You can use these views to understand the immediate and downstream effects of decisions that span potentially complex interrelated factors.


Consistent snapshots of business performance are provided in enterprise-class reports and independently assembled dashboards based on trusted information. As a result, non-technical and technical business intelligence (BI) users and IT alike can respond quickly to rapidly changing business needs.


Cognos Business Intelligence provides capabilities designed to provide:


  • Faster time to answers about business from highly visual, interactive dashboards without lengthy deployment delays


  • Easier access to game-changing insights with interactive data visualizations that enable you to more easily identify performance issues and apply corrective actions


  • Smarter decisions that drive a better outcome from snapshots of business performance


  • Trusted data for more consistent decisions without data drift or duplication


  • Flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options that can grow as your business grows and help you meet diverse organizational requirements
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