Managed Cyber Security

Cyber threats are continually evolving with attacks becoming more frequent and targeted. We can help safeguard your systems and data, by providing advanced detection, incident  response and recovery against the latest security threats. We defend and protect!


Penetration Testing & Assessments

Identify what information about your company is publicly available, that can provide a cybercriminal attack vectors to manipulate. Identify poorly configured systems that will allow an easy exploitation by a malicious actor. Identify poor patch management processes. Identify weak password or account management practises. Identify inadequate antivirus or perimeter protections. Provide a path forward for your organisation with clear recommendations on how to improve your security.


User Awareness Training

A key risk in respect of security is lack of awareness amongst employees. This can lead to data breaches and hefty fines and penalties for companies. We provide training to ensure your key assets don't become liabilities!




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